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The significance of digital marketing is on the rise across various sectors, notably within the healthcare industry. In today’s digital age, individuals ranging from doctors and pharmaceutical companies to patients are equipped with mobile devices, engaging in continuous searches for healthcare information, services, and the latest updates.

Meeting these evolving needs underscore the necessity for a specialized SEO agency dedicated to the healthcare sector. Such an agency offers a personalized approach, leveraging its in-depth industry understanding and a track record of successfully managing numerous clients within the healthcare domain.

impact of healthcare SEO

Physicians devote twice as much time to online resources as they do to printed publications.

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Healthcare professionals do 5-6 professional inquiries each day on average.

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5% of all Google searches are related to health.

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As compared to non-search results, search drives 3 times more visitors to healthcare websites.

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48% of doctors, search for Pharma products using symptoms.

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Let’s answer your questions about Healthcare SEO

What solutions does a Healthcare SEO Agency provide?

A healthcare SEO agency should provide a 360° solution enabling the brand Top visibility in search results via its efforts in Keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, content production, website audits, local SEO techniques, backlink building, and regular performance monitoring and modifications.

Why is SEO important in the healthcare industry?

With digital transformation happening across industries healthcare is no exception. Everybody including doctors, pharma companies, owners, medical equipment, manufacturers and other providers in the healthcare industry Search online for any information, research or product or service. This makes it inevitable to not tap the growing market.

What kinds of results can I expect from Pune SEO Company?

Depending on which industry your product or service belongs to, you can expect results to start showing from 3rd to 5th month onwards. We aim for page 1 top rankings on all potential relevant keywords for any industry.

What are the mistakes in Healthcare SEO that we need to avoid?

There are certain mistakes in Healthcare SEO that may incur heavy costs. Keyword stuffing, overlooking on-page optimization, building low-quality backlinks, and failure to optimize for mobile devices.
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